2023 Kia K5 Description: Trim Level Update, Optional AWD, Security Features, Prices & More

2023 Kia K5 Description: Trim Level Update, Optional AWD, Security Features, Prices & More

The 2023 Kia K5 is a commendable gesture if you cannot taste the thought of updating to a generic cross or SUV. First introduction in 2021 as The Most Powerful Sedan of Kia, the new K5 will reach the dealers with some changes under their belt. Previously available in five trim variants, the 2023 K5 does so without the LX trim base. In addition, the Kia transmission is no longer available in the LXS. By 2023, the unit of the entire steering wheel is only available at the mid-level GT-Line.

2023 Kia K5: What’s new?

The GT-Line also receives a panoramic roof package that includes black interior brightness, LED interior lighting, and a shark fin antenna. Meanwhile, breaking down more money for the GT-Line AWD now consists of a heated steering wheel, while the EX, GT-Line and the GT have standard acoustic glass on the front doors.

Motor “Transmission”

The 2023 Kia K5 LXS, GT-Line and EX have a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine coupled with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Generating 180 horsepower and 195 lb-ft. of torque, the turbo of 1.6 liters thick gets a decent 27 in the city and 37 on the road with the standard front wheel train.

The range K5 GT is Kia’s four-door sedan with its 2.5-liter high-performance turbo four-cylinder with 290 horsepower and a healthy 311 lb-ft. Stop. Reigning in all that power is a double clutch transmission of eight speeds with paddle switches. Despite its attention credentials, the K5 GT achieves 24 in the city and 32 on the road.

2023 Kia K5
2023 Kia K5. Photo: Kia Motors America.

Stimulant design

The new K5 is a larger and more substantial vehicle than its predecessor Optima. Kia vehicles are not known primarily for attractive designs, but the brand has been in a winning streak with its new end versions. It started with high performance Stinger four-door GT sedan and the award winner Telluride SUV. Kia’s first all-electric car, the EV6, it is also strengthening attention for its modern and friendly family, and we are happy that the designers of Kia gave it the best in the pen of the new K5.

The K5 is wider and wider than the Optima while it has a longer wheel base. But again, it is almost an inch lower than before, giving it the position of a four-door sedan. We know that beauty is in the eyes of the spectators, but it is fair to say that K5 is a refreshing aspect between the Camrys, Accords, Legacies and Altimas of the world.

Standard security features

The 2023 Kia K5 is standard with the help of avoiding collisions with blind spots, helps to avoid collisions forward, assistance to maintain the lane, continued assistance and driver’s attention warning with exit alert from the main vehicle. Meanwhile, parking collision assistance and front/back distance warning alert are optional for the K5 EX and GT.

2023 Kia K5 interior layout.
2023 Interior design Kia K5. Photo: Kia Motors America.

Kia Factory Warranty

The 2023 Kia K5 comes with a 5-year-old buffer bumper warranty and a 10-year warranty of 100,000 miles of electric train, among the best in your class. However, an extended warranty could be beneficial if it leads more miles than the average person. This General guide It will help you discern whether an extended warranty Kia is worth getting.

2023 Kia K5: Prices “Standard equipment

Kia has slightly increased the sedan price 2023 K5 after removing the base edge LX. The new K5 LXS base starts at $26,185 and comes with an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto wireless, a six speaker audio system, LED headlights, remote boot and rear USB ports.

On the contrary, the K5 GT-Line $27,585 (FWD) or $29,285 (AWD) gets 18-inch wheels, a leather steering wheel, LED fog lights, a wider 10,25-inch touch screen, navigation and a power controller seat, to name a few. Meanwhile, the EX starts at $30,085 and adds heated and ventilated front seats, fake leather upholstery and rear ventilation.

The K5 GT has the most powerful 2.5-liter engine, improved brakes, sports suspension and front sports seats for $32,585. All MSRP figures include $1,095. The first deliveries must reach the dealers at the end of 2022.

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Source: Kia Motors America.

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